MWK4000 Parts

MWK4000 Spare Parts
  Stock Code Product Description Pack Size
  MWK4000 Carbon Arc Gouging Torch (1000 Amp) Premium 1
  MWK4000-1A Up/ Lower Insul Assembly With Screws 1
  MWK4000-02 Screw for Insulator 1
  MWK4000-03 Handle Lever 1
  MWK4000-04 Lever Screw 1
  MWK4000-05 Wrench 1
  MWK4000-06 Bonnet 1
  MWK4000-7/8 Spool and Spool O Ring set 1
  MWK4000-09 Upper Arm 1
  MWK4000-10 Head 1
  MWK4000-12 Torch Body 1
  MWK4000-13 Hinge Pin 1
  MWK4000-14 Lever Spring 1
  MWK4000-15 Handle 1

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