standard-title Brazing Tips and Heating Barrels

Brazing Tips and Heating Barrels

LPG Gas Brazing Tips
  Stock Code Product Description Pack Size
  1390-3N LPG Brazing Tip 1 – 2mm 1
  1390-5N LPG Brazing Tip 2 – 4mm 1
  1390-6N LPG Brazing Tip 4 – 6mm 1
  1390-8N LPG Brazing Tip 6 – 9mm 1
  1390-10N LPG Brazing Tip 9-12mm 1
  1390H LPG Multiflame Heating Tip 1

Stock Code: 1390-N Group

Heating Barrels
  Stock Code Product Description Pack Size
  80D50C Brazing Tip Tube (Micro Mixers) 1
  808593C Brazing Tip Tube (800243 Mixer) 1
  HB450S Super Heating Barrel 400mm Stainless Steel Bent 1
  HB700S Super Heating Barrel 700mm Stainless Steel Bent 1
  853721 Acetylene Heating Tip + Barrel 8×12 1

Stock Code: 80D50C

Stock Code: 808593C

Stock Code: HB450S

Stock Code: HB700S

Stock Code: 853721

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