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x Coloured T Shirt 5KG

T-Shirt & Singlet Material. All purpose rag, highly absorbent. Where are these best used: Mechanical, Printers, Painters, Cleaning, Transport, Detailing & Machinery.

Who are these for:
Paint Stores, Painters, Maintenance (Mobile), Plastics, Janitor Suppliers, Cleaners, Plant Hire, Mechanics, Mowing Business, Transport, Detailers, Diff & Gearbox, Electrics, Plumbers, Hydraulics, Recyclers, Powder Coaters, Emergency Services, Metal, Smash Repairers, Tyre & Mechanical, Welders, Engineering Suppliers, Steel Industry, Wreckers, Diesel Mechanics, Waste Disposal.

  Coloured T Shirt 10KG  

  White T Shirt 10KG

Pure White T-Shirt & Singlet’s. Ideal with solvents, highly absorbent.

Where are these best used:
Hand Wiping, Contract Cleaners, Concrete Industries, Buses & Coaches. Who are these for: Painters, Printers, Strainers, Engineers, Hydraulics, Marine Ind, Car Yards, Furniture.


  Mixed Cotton 5KG

Combination of Light Cotton, Heavy Cotton & Windcheater. Absorbent properties.

Where are these best used:
Mechanical workshops & Machinerary. Who are these for: Mechanics, Industry, Wreckers, Diesel Mechanics, Mowing Contractors, Plumbers, Tyre & Mechanical, City Councils, Hydraulics, Govt Departments, Oil Yards, Waste DisposalWelders, Plant Hire, Earth Works, Engineering Suppliers, Mining Industry, Steel Mechanical workshops & Machinery.

  Mixed Cotton 10KG  

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