standard-title Binzel® Style SB 360A

Binzel® Style SB 360A

SB 360A

Air Cooled MIG Welding Torch

Rating: 300A CO² 270A mixed gas @ 60% duty cycle, EN60974-7 0.8mm to 1.2mm wires

  Stock Code 3M 4M 5M Model Description
 x 360 -3ER -4ER -5ER Welding Torch c/w Ergo Handle

  Stock Code Description  
A NZCY 36 Cylindrical Nozzle 19mm
  NZCO 36* Conical Nozzle 16mm
  NZTP36 Tapered Nozzle 12mm

  Contact Tips
  Stock Code Description  
B CTO968 Contact Tip 0.9mm M6 Ecu
  CT1068 Contact Tip 1.0mm M6 Ecu
  CT1268* Contact Tip 1.2mm M6 Ecu
  CT1668 Contact Tip 1.0mm M6 CuCrZr
  CT1068Z Contact Tip 1.0mm M6 CuCrZr
  CT1268Z Contact Tip 1.2mm M6 CuCrZr
C CT09810 Contact Tip .9mm M8 Ecu
  CT10810 Contact Tip 1.0mm M8 Ecu
  CT12810 Contact Tip 1.2mm M8 Ecu
  CT09810Z Contact Tip 0.9mm M8 CuCrZr
  CT10810Z Contact Tip 1.0mm M8 CuCrZr
  CT12810Z Contact Tip 1.2mm M8 CuCrZ

  Stock Code Description  
D LSR3* Steel Liner 1.0-1.2mm x 3mt
  LSR4* Steel Liner 1.0-1.2mm x 4mt
  LSR5* Steel Liner 1.0-1.2mm x 5mt
  LSB3* Steel Liner 1.0-1.2mm x 3mt
  LTR3 Teflon Liner 1.0-1.2mm x 3mt
  LTR4 Teflon Liner 1.0-1.2mm x 4mt
  LTR5 Teflon Liner 1.0-1.2mm x 5mt
  LTY3 Teflon Liner 1.2-1.6mm x 3mt
  LTY4 Teflon Liner 1.2-1.6mm x 4mt
  LTY5 Teflon Liner 1.2-1.6mm x 5mt

x Stock Code Description * Denotes Standard Build
1 TA36* Tip Adaptor 28.5mm M6
2 TA368 Tip Adaptor 28.5mm M8  
NI TA36L Tip Adaptor 31.5mm M6  
3 DIF36 Diffuser Black  
  DIF36 RED * Diffuser Silicone Rubberk  
  DIF36 WH ITE Diffuser White  
4 SN36 Swan Neck  
5 B1515/ER Ergo Handle Location Body  
6 B1505 Lock Nut  
7 B8016 Cable Support c/w Knuckle Joint  
8 B1521 Cable Terminal  
9 B2514 Ergo Handle Kit c/w Lock Nut  
10 B2516 Ergo Trigger  
11 B2517 Hanger Hook  
12 B1522 Cable Terminal Male  
13 B8026 Spring Cable Support  
14 BE1518 Gun Plug Housing c/w Nut  
15 B1526 Gun Plug Screw  
16 BE1519 Gun Plug Nut c/w Insert  
17 Spring Pin Spring Pin Assembly x2  
18 B1528 Gun Plug Body c/w Spring Pins  
19 B1524 Gun Plug ‘O’ Ring  
20 B1525 Liner Nut  

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