Stock Code: MPB52090/180


Stock Code: MPB10090


Stock Code: MPB10180

Multi-Purpose Cutting Torch
  Stock Code Product Description Pack Size
  MPB52090 Multi-Purpose Cutting Torch 520mm 90º Head 1
  MPB52180 Multi-Purpose Cutting Torch 520mm 180º Head 1
  MPB10090 Multi-Purpose Cutting Torch 1000mm 90º Head 1
  MPB10180 Multi-Purpose Cutting Torch 1000mm 180º Head 1

Multi-Purpose Cutting Torch Parts
  Stock Code Product Description Pack Size
  MPB001 Cutting Valve Assembly (Complete) 1
  MPB003 Lever Assembly 1
  MPB013 Nozzle Nut 1
  MPB006 Acetylene Injector/Mixer 1
  MPB007 LPG Injector/Mixer 1
  MPB09A Acetylene Valve 1
  MPB009 Oxygen Valve 1
  800243 Acetylene / LPG Mixer (550) 10mm 1
  800244 Heating Mixer 13mm (570) 1
  800245 Heating Mixer 13mm Hi-Flo (574) LPG 1

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