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Stock Code: XR926


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XR267 and XR270 filters

Stock Code: XR267 and XR270 filters


  • Portable And Lightweight
  • Protects Against Dust Particles, Solid and Liquid Aerosols and Smoke
  • Constant Filtered Air Flow
  • Lightweight Li-Ion Removeable Battery
  • DIN 9-13
  • Audible, Vistable and Vibration Warning Alarms for Low Power, Low Air-flow and Blocked Filter
  • Variable Sensitivity
  • Grinding Mode
  • 3 Lightening Delay Settings
  • Full Face Coverage
  • Automatic Power On/Off
  • Battery Life Expectancy 6 Years
  • UV/IR Protection Up To Shade Din 16
  • 18 Months Warranty (6 Months on Battery
  • Conforms to BE EN 12941 TH2P R SL
  Stock Code Product Description Pack Size
x XR926A Auto Welding Helmet Silver 9-13 + Air Filtration Pack 1
  XR265 Parweld Charger for PAPR 1
  XR266 Parweld Battery for PAPR 1
  XR267 Parweld Filter for PAPR 1
  XR268 Parweld Pre Filter for PAPR 1
  XR269 PAPR Blower Unit 1
  XR670 P3 Particle Filter for PAPR 1
  XR674 Odour Filter for PAPR 1

Minimum Flow 150 to 220 l/min
Weight of Power Unit including Filter and Battery 920g
Protection and Noise Level TH2 P, NPF 20, 65db
Battery Lifetime 350 charging cycles
One Charging Cycle 3 to 4 hours
Operating Time of Battery after One Charging 6 to 8 hours
Belt Size 80 to 100 cm
Recommended Working Temperature 0 to 40°C
Recommended Working Humidity 20 to 80% RH
Alarms Audible, Visible and Vibration
Filter Type P R S L
Stock Code Description
XR260 Face Seal
XR261 Headgear and Airduct Assembly
XR262 Hose and Cover Assembly
XR264 Belt
XR265 Charger
XR266 Battery
XR267 Filter
XR268 Pre-Filter

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