Torchmaster Australia commenced operation in 1989 as a wholesaler offering a range of welding accessories and parts. Over the years, our range has grown to include other industrial products, such as personal protective clothing and safety equipment.

Representation is Australia-wide with warehouses in Perth (head office), Brisbane and Melbourne. Torchmaster is a premier leading importer and wholesaler, with brands well known throughout the country and the welding industry.

Torchmaster is the Australian agent for Parweld Ltd, a global welding tool and equipment manufacturer, originating in the UK with their engineers in their research and development division.

We have an extensive range of quality welding torches, consumables and parts to suit Binzel®, Bernard®, Tweco®, Kemppi®, and Fronius®. We also
source alternative suppliers to allow us to provide range and quality for all of your welding spare parts needs, whether it is for the heavy industry or the home handyman.

Oetiker®, is a well-known German name, with a reputation world-wide for their range of worm drive and ear clamps. Torchmaster is their Australia-wide agent for this precision-manufactured product. Stocks can be made available in each state at short notice.

Our agencies include brands like Omega (our home brand), Taurus®, Felder®, Bullfinch®, Wescol®, and Stevens Industrial, all trusted international companies. Our Omega house brand comprise suppliers sourced from different continents who over the past 20 years, have provided quality products.

Torchmaster continues to expand its industrial range to meet the evolving needs of the market. Its well-earned reputation for quality and service has seen it become an attractive first alternative for all workshop requirements.

We proudly stand by our motto of “affordable excellence”.

Build with great partners

As agents for Parweld Ltd, Wescol Ltd, Omega, Stevens Industrial Services, Taurus Electrode, Welding Material Sales and Wilsecure, all our products meet stringent safety regulations ensuring operator safety.

  • Parweld
  • Omega
  • Callington
  • Oetiker
  • WMS
  • Taurus
  • Wescol
  • Bullfinch
  • Wilsecure
  • Felder
  • Stevens Industrial