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We carry a large range of Tig torches, parts and accessories. Some of our tig torches are imported completed built or it can be custom built locally to suit all your Tig welding applications.  No job is too small.  From the traditional tig torches to the new Pro-Grip Ergo Tig range, there will be a quality Tig Torch which will give you the best performance.


a. Tig Torches

9 series – 130amp air cooled
17 series – 150amp air cooled
18 series – 350amp water cooled
20 series – 200amp water cooled
24 series – 80amp air cooled
24W series – 180amp water cooled
26 series – 200am air cooled
3 piece Tig head and torch parts

b. Tig Torches

ER 9 Series
ER 17 Series
ER 18 Series
ER 20 Series
ER 26 Series
Tig Torch bodies Gas Cooled Tig
Torch bodies Water Cooled
Rotating Torch Heads
Long Alumina Cups
Extral Long Aluminia Cups
Gas Lens Cups Short
Back Caps and Handles
Power Cable Assembles
Gas and Water Hoses
Tig Torch Accessories
Power Cable/Hose Adaptors and Fittings
Amphenol Style Plugs

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Build with great partners

As agents for Parweld Ltd, Wescol Ltd, Evolution Power Tools, Stevens Industrial Services, Taurus Electrode, Welding Material Sales and Wilsecure, all our products meet stringent safety regulations ensuring operator security.

  • Parweld
  • Omega
  • Callington
  • Oetiker
  • WMS
  • Taurus
  • Wescol
  • Bullfinch
  • Wilsecure
  • Felder
  • Stevens Industrial