standard-title Linde Style Tig Torch Packages 18 Series

Linde Style Tig Torch Packages 18 Series

WP18 - Water Cooled TIG Welding Torch

Rating: 350A DC, 260A AC @ 100% Duty Cycle, EN60974-7 0.5mm - 4.0mm Electrodes

  Stock Code   Product Description
  12ft (3.8m) 25ft (7.6m)  
  18-12RR 18-25RR Tig Welding Torch c/w Rubber Power Cable
  18-12RSSW 18-25RSSW Tig Welding Torch c/w Power Cable, Sheath and Switch

For torch packages with alternative torch bodies please order with the following prefix
Model   Description
18F – ie: (WP18F – 12RSSW, WP18 torch with flexi head, 12ft rubber power cable c/w sheath and switch) Complete Torch Packages with Flexi Head
P18SP   Complete Torch Packages with Pencil Head

Zipper Cover Options are also available, please suffix your torch stock code with a “ZC” ie WP18-12Z

Add a Zipper Cover ZC4-10 4” x 10’  
  ZC4-22 4” x 22’  
Add a Dinse Adaptor D3595-18 Adaptor (water)    
  Standard Collet
  Stock Code Description      
A 10N21 Standard Collet   0.5mm  
  10N22 Standard Collet   1.0mm  
  10N23 Standard Collet   1.6mm  
  10N24 Standard Collet   2.4mm  
  10N25 Standard Collet   3.2mm  
  54N20 Standard Collet   4.0mm  

  Standard Collet Body
  Stock Code Description      
B 10N29 Standard Collet Body   0.5mm  
  10N30 Standard Collet Body   1.0mm  
  10N31 Standard Collet Body   1.6mm  
  10N32 Standard Collet Body   2.4mm  
  10N28 Standard Collet Body   3.2mm  
  406488 Standard Collet Body   4.0mm  

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