standard-title Ergo Tig Torch Packages ER20 & ER20F

Ergo Tig Torch Packages ER20 & ER20F

ER20 and ER20F - Water Cooled Ergo Tig Welding Torch

Rating: 250A DC, 190A AC @100% Duty Cycle, EN60974-7 0.5mm - 3.2mm Electrodes

  Torch Head
  Stock Code Description
  P20 Torch Head Water Cooled 250A DC
  P20F Torch Head Flexible Water Cooled 250A DC

  Cable Length
  Stock Code Description
  12 3.8m Cables c/w Leather Cover and Neoprene Sheath
  25 7.6m Cables c/w Leather Cover and Neoprene Sheath

  Switch Option
  Stock Code Description
  S1 Momentary Switch
  S1L Momentary Switch and Lever
  S2 2 Button Momentary
  S4 4 Button Momentary
  2K 1 Button Momentary + 5K Potentiometer
  3K 1 Button Momentary + 10K Potentiometer
  N Blank

  Australian Cable Termination
  Stock Code Description
  UW 7/8″ UNF LH Male on Power, 5/8″ UNF RH Male on Gas, 5/8″ UNF LH Male on Water
  UE D3595 Dinse on Power, 5/8″ UNF LH on Water in/out, 5/8″ UNF RH Male on Gas

  Cable Plug
  Stock Code Description
  0 2 Pin Amphenol Plug
  0M 2 Pin Amphenol Plug (Miller)
  1 4 Pin Amphenol Plug
  2 5 Pin Amphenol Plug
  3 6 Pin Amphenol Plug
  4 7 Pin Amphenol Plug
  5 10 Pin Amphenol Plug
  6 14 Pin Amphenol Plug

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