standard-title Marking & Etching Kit

Marking & Etching Kit

Marking & Etching Kit

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Stock Code: EK19KIT

A metal marking system that will leave a permanent imprint on your job

  • Dedicated cables used only for this process
  • A very quick process to imprint your logo, part or serial number onto your desired job
  • Long life stencils of your customised logo or similar with the ability to be used for over 1000+ imprints
  • Personal stenciling system option that you can use to mark/etch small runs such as serial numbers
Stock Code Kit Includes Optional Extras Weight Dimensions
EK19KIT EKEG – Electrode Guide EKM1PT18 – PT-18 Stencil System 2.9 kg 45 x 35 x 10mm
  EKHL – Etch Kit Handle and Lead EKM118ST – Stencil Cartridge (6.6 lb) (17.7″ x 13.7″ x 4″)
  EKCL – Etch Kit Clamp and Lead EKESOL-1 – Etch Solution    
  EKMSOL-1 – Marking Solution 1lt      


PT-18 Stenciler

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Stock Code: EKM1PT18

Print your own stencils using the unique fibre stencil

  • Ideal for shorter runs and one off imprints that may be required
Stock Code Kit Includes Compatible Solutions Weight Dimensions
EKM1PT18 P-touch Stenciler (pictured) EKESOL – Etch Solution 0.7 kg 8 x 15 x 14mm
  EKM118ST – 3m Stencil Cartridge EKMSOL – Marking Solution (1.5 lb) (3.1″ x 6″ x 5.5″)

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