standard-title Earth Clamps

Earth Clamps

Earth Clamps
  Stock Code Product Description Pack Size
  EC200P Earth Clamp 200 Amp Copper Braid 1
  EC300P Earth Clamp 300 Amp Copper Braid 1
  EC500P Earth Clamp 500 Amp Copper Braid 1
  EC600HD Earth Clamp 600 Amp Heavy Duty Copper Braid 1
  ECGM20 Earth Clamp 150-200 Amp Brass 1
  ECGM40 Earth Clamp 400 Amp Brass 1
  ECGM60 Earth Clamp 600 Amp Brass 1
  ECSTD60B Earth Clamp 600 Amp Screw Type Hinge 1
  ECMY60 Earth Clamp 600 Amp Screw Type Parallel/Post 1
  ECG60 Earth Clamp 600 Amp Brass G Type 1
  ECG80 Earth Clamp 800 Amp 1
  ECM30R Round Magnetic Earth Clamp 300 Amp 1
  ECM50R Round Magnetic Earth Clamp 500 Amp 1
  ECM60R Round Magnetic Earth Clamp 600 Amp 1
  ECWG60T Earth G Clamp 600 Amp with Mech Connector 1
  ECR600 Rotary Earth Clamp 600 Amp 1
  ECR1000-2 Rotary Earth Clamp 1000 Amp 1
  ECF40NB Earth F Clamp 400 Amp 1

Stock Code: ECG60

Stock Code: ECGM20

Stock Code: ECG80

Stock Code: ECGM40

Stock Code: ECGM60

Stock Code: ECM30R

Stock Code: ECM50R

Stock Code: ECM60R

Stock Code: ECMY60


Stock Code: ECR600

Stock Code: ECSTD60B

Stock Code: ECWG60T

Stock Code: ECR1000-2

Stock Code: EC200P/300P

Stock Code: EC500P

Stock Code: EC600HD

Stock Code: ECF40NB

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