standard-title Magnetic Holders and Sweepers

Magnetic Holders and Sweepers

Stock Code: AMM6658

  • Strong magnets attract all loose swarf and steel scraps
  • 100cm length but retractable to 70cm length
  • Head of the magnet can be replaced
  • Flat packed for easy transport and delivery

Stock Code: AMM6658A
Replacement Head

Stock Code: OMEMHS101

Stock Code: OMEMHS101

  • 61cm wide magnetic floor sweeper
  • Handle can be retracted and can be flat packed for delivery
  • Floor Sweeper to pick up nails, screws, paper clips and other ferrous metal items
  • Sweeper picks up item into the cavity and then it can be released over a disposal unit
  • Light aluminium housing. Sweeper can be used in machine and fabrication shops, factories and construction sites
  Stock Code Product Description Pack Size
  AMM6658 Round Magnetic Cleaner 1m retractable 1
  AMM6658A Replacement Head 1
  OMEMHS101 Magnetic Floor Sweeper 1

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