standard-title Magnetic Stands & Holders, Super Mag

Magnetic Stands & Holders, Super Mag

Magnetic Stands & Holders, Super Mag

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Stock Code: MI-TTS-M

Stock Code: MI-MTS-M

Stock Code: EH Stand

Torches shown in photos above are for illustration only and is not sold with the different stands.
Magnetic Torch Stands
  Stock Code Product Description Pack Size
  MI-TTS-M TIG Torch Stand Magnetic 1
  MI-MTS-M MIG Torch Stand Magnetic 1
  EH Stand Electrode Holder Torch Stand Magnetic 1

Stock Code: AVA7231

  • For 90º clamping of pipes and tubes
  • Clamping Capacity 8.8cm
  • Jaw Length 10.10cm



Stock Code: AMM7088

  • Strong magnets attract all loose swarf and steel scraps
  • Simply slide center out to release all picked up rubbish
  • 400mm in length
  • Very quick clean up
  • Heavy Dury construction made to last
  • High Quality Super-Mag brand

Stock Code: OME6961

  • Sheet panel clamps Butt Weld – 4 piece
  • Designed to align panel for edge to edge seam Welding
  • Work with flat, concave or convex panels
  • Easily removable or reusable
  Stock Code Product Description Pack Size
  AMM7088 Magnetic Swarf Collector (On/Off) 1
  OME6961 Automotive 4 Piece Butt Weld Clamp set 1
  AVA7231 Welders Angle Vice 1

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