standard-title Bullfinch LPG Brazing Kit

Bullfinch LPG Brazing Kit

Bullfinch LPG Brazing Kit
  Stock Code Product Description Pack Size
  BF404 Bullfinch LPG Brazing Kit with torch handle, medium burner, 5 metres LPG gas hose,350kpa LPG regulator includes metal security box 1
  BF-FG4100 Auto Torch Handle 5/8 connection 1
  BF-FG4103 Auto Torch Burning Brazer small 1
  BF-FG4104 Auto Torch Burning Brazer medium 1
  BF-FG4105 Auto Torch Burning Brazer large 1

Stock Code: BF404 Autotorch Brazing Kit

Stock Code: BF-FG4100 Autotorch Handle

Stock Code: BF-FG4103/04/05

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