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Gas Kits

Gas Kit - Omega

Gas Kits
  Stock Code Product Description Pack Size
  OME8035 Trade Oxygen/Acetylene Kit (no flash backs) 1
  OME8036 Trade Oxygen/LPG Kit (no flash backs) 1
  OME8037 Oxygen / Acetylene Kit Omega (incl. flash backs) 1
  OME8038 Oxygen / LPG Kit Omega (incl flash backs) 1
  LSK036 LPG Basic Conversion Kit 1
  LSK038 LPG Deluxe Conversion Kit 1


Omega Gas Instruction Manual
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Gas Kit - Wescol

Gas Kits – WES0387/8
  Stock Code Product Description Pack Size
  WES0837 Wescol Oxygen/Acet Kit (inclu. flash backs) 1
  WES0838 Wescol Oxygen/LPG Kit (inclu. flash backs) 1
Acetylene, Oxygen and LPG regulators compliance
European standard EN ISO 2503 (2009) and AS4267:1995
“Gas welding equipment – Pressure regulators for gas cylinders used in welding, cutting and allied process up to 300 bar”
Flashbank compliance
European standard EN 730 1 (2006) and AS4603:1999
“Gas welding equipment – Safety device – Part 1: Incorporating a flame (flashback) – arrestor”
Cutting attachment and handle compliance
C3 torch to BS EN ISO 5172:2006 AS2:2015
“Gas welding equipment blowpipes for gas welding and cutting”
Hoses comply to AS1335

Stock Code: WES8037 Plus Box – Large

Stock Code: WES8038 Plus Box – Large

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