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Single Stage Regulators-Omega

Single Stage Regulators – Omega

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Stock Code: OMEOX10

Stock Code: OMEAC14

Stock Code: OMEAR55S

Stock Code: OMEAR55

Stock Code: OMECD55

Stock Code: OMELP35

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Stock Code: OMEFL25

Single Stage Regulators – Omega
  Stock Code Product Description Pack Size
  OMEOX10 Oxygen Regulator Twin Gauge 0-1000 Kpa 1
  OMEAC14 Acetylene Regulator Twin Gauge 0-140 Kpa 1
  OMEAR55 Argon Regulator Twin Gauge 0-34 L/Min 1
  OMEAR55S Argon Regulator Twin Gauge 0-34 L/Min (Side Entry) 1
  OMECD55 CO2 Regulator 0-34 L/Min 1
  OMELP35 LPG Regulator Single Gauge 0-350 Kpa 1
  OMEARFL25 Argon Flowmeter Regulator 0-25 L/Min 1
  OMECDFL25 CO2 Flowmeter Regulator 0-25 L/Min 1
  OMEN210 Nitrogen Regulator Twin Gauge 0-1000 Kpa 1
  OMEFL25 Argon Flowmeter 0-25 L/min 1
  Specifications Details
  Range of Gases in addition to the standard range of welding and cutting gasses ie. Acetylene, Argon, CO2, Oxygen and LPG, Omega Premium single stage regulators are also available for a variety of Industrial gases including Air, Nitrogen, Helium and Hydrogen.
  Range of Pressures Regulators are available for a range of outlet pressures up to 1000 Kpa.
  Safety Measures The single stage regulators have been designed for use with high pressures up to 24,000 Kpa and are fitted with the tamper proof relief valve. All gauges are fitted with rear blow-out discs to allow safe venting of gas if over pressurisation occurs. Then inlet stem has been fitted with a sintered bronze filter to reduce the possibility of combustion by foreign matter at high velocity.
  Standards The Omega range of regulators have been manufactured in accordance with Australia Standard AS4267-1995.
  Warranty All Omega Regulators carry six (6) month manufacturers warranty against faulty parts and workmanship. All components are manufactured to international standards.

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