standard-title Lincoln® Style K231 Torch and Spares

Lincoln® Style K231 Torch and Spares

Stock Code: K231

  K231 Submerged Arc Welding Gun
  Stock Code Product Description Size
  MWSA01 K231 Core Body Assembly 1
  MWSA02 K231 Nozzle Body Assembly 1
  MWSA03 K231 Nozzle Insulator 1
  MWSA04 K231 Retaining Nut 1
  MWSA05 K231 Flux Cone 1
  MWSA06-2.0 K231 Contact Tip 2.0mm 10
  MWSA06-2.4 K231 Contact Tip 2.4mm 10
  MWSA06-3.2 K231 Contact Tip 3.2mm 10
  MWSA06-4.0 K231 Contact Tip 4.0mm 10
  MWSA06-4.8 K231 Contact Tip 4.8mm 10
  MWSA07 K231 Locking Ferrule 1
  MWSA08 K231 Flux Hose Insulator 1
  MWSA09 K231 Flux Hose 1
  MWSA10 K231 Special Socket Head Screw 1
  MWSA113 K231 Hexagon Head Screw/Nut & Washer 1
  MWSA14 K231 Thumb Screw (Head) 1
  MWSA231 K231 Torch, Complete Set 1

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