standard-title Plasma Range List

Plasma Range List

Below is a list of plasma range. As some of the torches are quite old, not all stock lines may be available.

Please note that the older style torches would have limited stock available.

Bevel Tool, GFT/1, Air Filter
Replacement, Circle Guide

To suit Binzel® Abiplas Cut 70
To suit Binzel® Abiplas Cut 110
To suit Binzel® Abiplas Cut 150
To suit Binzel® PSB 30
To suit Binzel® PSB 31
To suit Binzel® PBS 121

To suit Cebora® CP40
To suit Cebora® P50
To suit Cebora® P70 Lincoln PC60
To suit Cebora® P150 – CP160


To suit HYP® Max 20
To suit HYP® Max 40
To suit HYP® Max 40CS and 42
To suit HYP® Max 80 / 100 PAC130
To suit HYP® 1000 etc

To suit Miller® ICE 25C
To suit Miller® ICE 27C
To suit Miller® ICE 50
To suit Miller® ICE 70

To suit SAF® CP40R
To suit SAF® PT 31 PT31XL

To suit Tecmo® 100 Lincoln PC100

Thermal Dynamics®
To suit PCH-10
To suit PCH 20
To suit PCH 25
To suit PCH 30
To suit PCH/M 35
To suit PCH/M 51
To suit PCH/M 52
To suit PCH/M 75

Trafilmet® Type
To suit Trafimet® A60
To suit Trafimet® A80-P80
To suit Trafimet® A90-P90
To suit Trafimet® A140-P140


WTC® Type

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