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New Welding Wires


(60/40 Rosin Cored 1.6mm X 500gm)

It is a tin lead alloy wire solder with a rosin flux core used in electrical applications, including wiring and other fine electronic work. 361 degrees melting range.

Do not use it on drinking water lines; Non-corrosive and non-conductive; Rosin flux is contained in wire core, no external flux is necessary.



A self-shield, flux cored, stainless steel wire used for welding type 316 series stainless steel.

The Mo contained improves resistance to pitting and provides increased creep resistance.

The super low carbon content minimizes carbide precipitation and makes it more resistant to intergranular corrosion.



A gas shield flux cored hardfacing wire, shielding gas 80%Ar + 20%CO2.

The weld metal has excellent resistant to abrasive and metal-to-metal wear.

Applied in grain machinery, shield machine, brick-making die, shovel bucket etc.


ER110S-1 is an alloy steel designed to produce high strengths, a very tough weld metal for critical applications.

Used for a variety of structural applications where tensile strengths may require 100,000 psi with excellent toughness at -60° F.

Developed for welding such alloy as HY-80 and HY-100 steels.


ER80S-D2 is a low alloy copper-coated Tig rod with 0.5% Mo content designed for welding low-alloy steels with high tensile strength and creep resistance.

It shows good impact strength at low temperatures and suitable for pipelines and pressure vessels with operating temperatures of about 500°C.

It will also find applications for the repair of medium strength steel castings.

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