standard-title Silver Solder Flux

Silver Solder Flux

Felder (German) Silver Solder Flux


Aluminium Welding Flux 250gm powder. Flux based on hygroscopie chlorides and fluorides mainly lithium connections. Depending on the field of application, the following aluminum welding wires can be used;
S-Al99.5, S-Al99,8,; S-Al99,5Ti (Din 1732)


Silver Solder Flux (paste) 250gm. Flux for silver hard solder “Cu-Rosil” for brazing of copper and copper alloys (effective range of 500-800 ° C)


Universal Welding Flux (paste) 250gm Hard soldering powder “Universal” is a hard solder flux based on boron compounds for hard soldering of copper, copper alloys, grey cast iron, malleable cast iron and steel as well as the welding brass (no light metals)

Silver Solder Flux
  Stock Code Product Description Pack Size  
  ALMFLUX Aluminium Welding Flux (Powder) 250g 1  
  26420050 Aluminium Welding Powder 100g 1  
  SBAFLUX Silver Solder Flux (Paste) 250g 1  
  UNIFLUX Universal Welding Flux (Paste) 250g 1  

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