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Torch Selector Table

XP8 is rated in Kilowattage – Why?

Amperages and duty cycles alone are arbitrary measures of a torches capability.
For a more accurate appreciation wire type, gas type, flow rate and open circuit voltage must all be taken into consideration. The XP8 is rated in Amps as a guideline but the Kilowattage requirement of a given application provides a far more accurate method for calculating torch selection.

Kilowattage represents the total power rating required and is calculated as follows:

Welding Amps x Welding Volts
= kW


(Amps x Volts = Watts , 1000 Watts = 1 kW)

Will the gas I use affect the performance of the torch?

The simple answer is yes. The use of different gas types can have a marked effect on the performance of air cooled torches. Generally the higher the content of CO2 in the shielding gas the better the performance of the Mig torch.

How do I select a torch using Kilowattage?

If a torch is required to weld at 300 Amps with a welding voltage of 34 volts the kilowattage is 10.2 kW.

ie Welding Amps 300 x Welding Volts 34
= 10.2 kW


Ideal torches for the applications would therefore be the XP8 350A for an air cooled 80% duty requirement or the XP8 450W for a water
cooled 100% application.

Torch selector table for mild steel wires (80/20) Argon/CO2 shielding gas.

      Mixed Gas (80/20) xx xx    
  Model   Amps kW   Duty Cycle Maximum Wire Size  
xx XP8-200A   200 6.0 x 80% .0459/1.2mm xx

  XP8-300A   300 8.7   80% .0459/1.2mm  

  XP8-350A   350 10.5   80% 1/169/1.6mm  

  XP8-400A   400 12.0   80% 3/329/2.4mm  

  XP8-320W   320 9.6   100% 1/169/1.6mm  

  XP8-450W   450 15.8   100% 3/329/2.4mm  

Note: All ratings quoted are based on a nominal gas flow of 18lpm.

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