standard-title XP8 320W

XP8 320W

XP8 320W

Water Cooled MIG Welding Torch

Rating: 320A, 9.6kW, Mixed Gas (80/20) @ 100% Duty Cycle, EN60974-7 .030″ – 1/16″ / 0.8mm to 1.6mm wires

Selecting the correct XP8 Torch

Amperages and duty cycles alone are arbitrary measures of a torches capability.
For a more accurate appreciation wire type, gas type, flow rate and open circuit voltage must all be taken into consideration.
The XP8 is rated in Amps as a guideline but the Kilowattage requirement of a given application provides a far more accurate method for calculating torch selection.

Kilowattage represents the total power rating required and is calculated as follows:

Welding Amps x Welding Volts
= kW


(Amps x Volts = Watts , 1000 Watts = 1 kW)

Table to show the affect on XP8 performance when using alternate gas types

      Mixed Gas (80/20) xx Mixed Gas (95/5) xx 100% CO2  
  Model   Amps kW   Amps kW   Amps kW  
x XP8-320W x 320 9.6 x 320 9.6 x 320 9.6 x

Note: All ratings are based on a nominal gas flow of 18lpm. A lower gas flow will result in an increase in working temperature but it will not have any adverse affect as long as the gas flow is within the accepted limits for the welding amperage.

  Stock Code 3M 4M 5M Model Description  
  XP320W -30E -40E -50E Welding Torch c/w Euro Fitting  

    Stock Code Description  
A   XP2002-10 Tapered Nozzle 3/8″/10mm  
    XP2002-13 Tapered Nozzle 1/2″/13mm  
    XP2002-16* Conical Nozzle 5/8″/16mm  
    XP2002-16L Conical Nozzle 3/4″/19mm – Extended  
    XP2002-19 Cylindrical Nozzle 3/4″/19mm  
    XP2002-19L Cylindrical Nozzle 3/4″/19mm – Extended  
B   XP3002-13 Tapered Nozzle 1/2″/13mm  
    XP3002-16 Conical Nozzle 5/8″/16mm  
    XP3002-16L Conical Nozzle 5/8″/16mm – Extended  
    XP3002-19 Cylindrical Nozzle 3/4″/19mm  
    XP3002-19L Cylindrical Nozzle 3/4″/19mm – Extended  

Contact Tips
    Stock Code Description  
C   XP2003-08 Contact Tip .030″/0.8mm M8 CuCrZ  
    XP2003-09 Contact Tip .035″/0.9mm M8 CuCrZr  
    XP2003-10* Contact Tip .040″/1.0mm M8 CuCrZr  
    XP2003-10A Contact Tip .040″/1.0mm Aluminium M8 CuCrZr  
    XP2003-12 Contact Tip .045″/1.2mm M8 CuCrZr  
    XP2003-12A Contact Tip .045″/1.2mm Aluminium M8 CuCrZr  
    XP2003-13 Contact Tip .052″/1.3mm M8 CuCrZr  
D   XP3003-08 Contact Tip .030″/0.8mm M10 CuCrZ  
    XP3003-10 Contact Tip .040″/1.0mm M10 CuCrZr  
    XP3003-10A Contact Tip .040″/1.0mm Aluminium M10 CuCrZr  
    XP3003-12 Contact Tip .045″/1.2mm M10 CuCrZr  
    XP3003-12A Contact Tip .045″/1.2mm Aluminium M10 CuCrZr  
    XP3003-13 Contact Tip .052″/1.3mm M10 CuCrZr  
    XP3003-14 Contact Tip .053″/1.4mm M10 CuCrZr  
    XP3003-16 Contact Tip 1/16″/1.6mm M10 CuCrZr  

    Stock Code Description  
E   XP2024-12-30* Steel Liner .040″-.045″/1.0mm-1.2mm x 10ft/3m  
    XP2024-12-40* Steel Liner .040″/1.0mm-.045″/1.2mm x 13ft/4m  
    XP2024-12-50* Steel Liner .040″-.045″/1.0mm-1.2mm x 16ft/5m  
    XP3524-16-30 Steel Liner .063″/1.6mm x 13ft/4m  
    XP3524-16-40 Steel Liner .063″/1.6mm x 16ft/5m  
    XP3524-16-50 Steel Liner .063″/1.6mm x 16ft/5m  
NI   XP2024PC-12-30 Polyamide Copper Liner .030″-.045″/0.8-1.2mm x 10ft/3m  
    XP2024PC-12-40 Polyamide Copper Liner .030″-.045″/0.8-1.2mm x 13ft/4m  
    XP2024PC-12-50 Polyamide Copper Liner .030″-.045″/0.8-1.2mm x 16ft/5m  
    XP3524PC-16-30 Polyamide Copper Liner .045″-.063″/1.2-1.6mm x 10ft/3m  
    XP3524PC-16-40 Polyamide Copper Liner .045″-.063″/1.2-1.6mm x 13ft/4m  
    XP3524PC-16-50 Polyamide Copper Liner .045″-.063″/1.2-1.6mm x 16ft/5m  
    XP2024PS-12-30 Polyamide Steel Liner .030″-.045″/0.8-1.2mm x 10ft/3m  
    XP2024PS-12-30 Polyamide Steel Liner .030″-.045″/0.8-1.2mm x 10ft/3m  
    XP2024PS-12-40 Polyamide Steel Liner .030″-.045″/0.8-1.2mm x 13ft/4m  
    XP2024PS-12-50 Polyamide Steel Liner .030″-.045″/0.8-1.2mm x 16ft/5m  
    XP3524PS-16-30 Polyamide Steel Liner .045″-.063″/1.2-1.6mm x 10ft/3m  
    XP3524PS-16-40 Polyamide Steel Liner .045″-.063″/1.2-1.6mm x 13ft/4m  
    XP3524PS-16-50 Polyamide Steel Liner .045″-.063″/1.2-1.6mm x 16ft/5m  

  * Denotes Standard Build
    Stock Code Description  
1   XP2004B* Diffuser – Plastic – M8 Head  
NI   XP2004C Diffuser – Ceramic – M8 Head  
2   XP3004B Diffuser – Moulded c/w Ceramic Insert – M10 Head  
NI   XP3004C Diffuser-Ceramic – M10 Head  
3   XP2005* Head Assembly – M8 Tips  
4   XP3005 Head Assembly – M10 Tips  
5   XP2006A* Aluminium Heat Shield – M8 Head  
NI   XP2006B Heat Shield – Moulded – M8 Head  
6   XP3006A Aluminium Heat Shield – M10 Head  
NI   XP3006B Heat Shield – Moulded – M10 Head  
7   XP3201 Swan Neck  
8   XP3228 Grub Screw  
9   XP3229 O Ring Pack  
10   XP3230-30 Power Cable Assembly x 3m/10ft  
    XP3230-40 Power Cable Assembly x 4m/13ft  
    XP3230-50 Power Cable Assembly x 5m/16ft  
11   XP3231-30 Liner Conduit Assembly x 3m/10ft  
    XP3231-40 Liner Conduit Assembly x 4m/13ft  
    XP3231-50 Liner Conduit Assembly x 5m/16ft  
12   XP3232-30 Water Hose Assembly x 3m/10ft  
    XP3232-40 Water Hose Assembly x 4m/13ft  
    XP3232-50 Water Hose Assembly x 5m/16ft  
13   XP3233-30 Switch Lead Assembly x 3m/10ft  
    XP3233-40 Switch Lead Assembly x 4m/13ft  
    XP3233-50 Switch Lead Assembly x 5m/16ft  
14   XP2011 Cable Terminal – Female  
15   XP3234 Lock Nut c/w Ball Joint and Canvas Cover Clamp  
16   XP3208 Cable Support  
17   XP3012 Handle Kit c/w Lock Nut  
18   XP2013 Hanger Hook  
19   XP2014 Trigger  
20   XP3235-30 Canvas Cover x 3m/10ft  
    XP3235-40 Canvas Cover x 4m/13ft  
    XP3235-50 Canvas Cover x 5m/16ft  
21   XP3018 Cable Support  
22   XP3027 Cable Support Nut  
23   XP3236 Canvas Cover Clamp & Retainer  
24   XP3237 Water Hose Nipple  
25   XP3238 Water Outlet Hose Assembly  
26   XP3240 Water Cooled Housing c/w Supports  
27   XP2019 Gun Plug Screw  
28   XP2020 Gun Plug Nut  
29   XP2015 Cable Terminal – Male  
30   Spring Pin 2 Spring Pin Assembly  
31   XP3241 Gun Plug Body c/w Spring Pins  
32   XP2023 Gun Plug Body O Ring  
33   XP2025 Liner Nipple O Ring  
34   XP2026 Liner Retaining Nut  

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