standard-title XP8 Features & Benefits

XP8 Features & Benefits

Swan Neck – No More Shorting
Insulative properties prevent reflected heat transfer passing through the neck. Shorting of the neck to the work piece is now impossible.
Necks are more impact resistant than metal clad necks

  • Lightweight
  • Durable and Robust

Handles – No More Tools
Screwless design solutions

  • Modular fit concept
  • Significantly reduces RSI
  • Soft grips

Nozzles – Self Insulated

  • Ensures cooler running necks
  • High specification resin and sleeve assembly
  • Push on

Contact Tips – Exceptional Service Life
Manufactured from a high grade Chrome Zirconium Copper Alloy

  • Extra length
  • Dual contact points
  • Force cooling

Hanger Hooks – Easy to Store

  • Less prone to damage
  • Encourages an efficient and tidy workspace

Trigger – Plug and Play

High speed whip action reduces carbonisation

  • Tool free replacement
  • Soft grip touch pad

Crimp Systems – No More Leaks
Cable termination geometries and crimp systems guarantee sealing

Knuckle Joint -Improved Manoeuvrability
Small movements of the handle and neck are possible independent of the cable assembly.

Machine End Systems
Extra length cable support systems

  • Smooth and consistent wire feed
  • Simple snap fits

Cable Supports – Improved Wire Feed
The perfect balance of freedom of movement and progressive support to the power cable is achieved.

Liner Systems

  • High carbon steel standard liners for steel wires
  • Tapered seat O ring seals
  • Polyamide to drive roll pick-up systems

Hydroflex™ Cable Systems

  • Liquid cooled cable systems use high temperature resistant rubber cables which when combined with unique cable end geometries ensure leak free terminations
  • XP8 hydroflex cable systems outperform all PVC alternatives

Gun Plug Bodies

  • Spring loaded pins
  • Guaranteed gas seals

Hyperflex™ Cable Systems

  • Air cooled cable assemblies offer outstanding flexibility and the highest heat and abrasion resistance of any known cable
  • Cable end and crimp systems ensure maximum conductivity. The outer jacket is constructed from cross linked polymers providing a tear proof jacket and a burn threshold of 375°C

Quality Standards
All torches are rigorously tested using computerised and automated test equipment at the design stage through to production. All components pass rigorous quality control checks prior to assembly. All torches are designed to be tough and damage resistant and comply with EN60974-7.

Build with great partners

As agents for Parweld Ltd, Wescol Ltd, Omega, Stevens Industrial Services, Taurus Electrode, Welding Material Sales and Wilsecure, all our products meet stringent safety regulations ensuring operator safety.

  • Parweld
  • Omega
  • Callington
  • Oetiker
  • WMS
  • Taurus
  • Wescol
  • Bullfinch
  • Wilsecure
  • Felder
  • Stevens Industrial