standard-title XP8 Head Assemblies/Diffusers

XP8 Head Assemblies/Diffusers

Head Assemblies
 x Stock Code Description Tip Thread Model
A XP2005 Head Assembly M8 XP8-200A/300A/320W
B XP3005 Head Assembly M10 XP8-200A/300A/320W
C XP3505 Head Assembly M10 XP8-350A/400A/450W

XP8 Head Assemblies A

XP8 Head Assemblies B

XP8 Head Assemblies C

x Stock Code Description Model
A XP2004B Diffuser – Plastic – M8 Head XP8-200A/300A
  XP2004C Diffuser – Ceramic – M8 Head XP8-200A/300A/320W
B XP3004B Diffuser – Moulded c/w Ceramic Insert – M10 Head XP8-350A/400A/450W
C XP3004C Diffuser – Ceramic – M10 Head XP8-350A/400A/450W

XP8 Head Diffusers A

XP8 Head Diffusers B

XP8 Head Diffusers C


Roll Marking

All Parweld consumables are rolled marked to enable you to identify genuine Parweld products.

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