standard-title XP8 Nozzles/Contact Tips

XP8 Nozzles/Contact Tips

  Stock Code Description Tip Recess Bore Bore Model
A XP2002-10 Tapered Nozzle Flush 3/8″ 10mm XP8-200A/300A
B XP2002-13 Tapered Nozzle 3/32″ / 2.4mm 1/2″ 13mm XP8-200A/300A
x XP2002-16 Conical Nozzle 3/32″ / 2.4mm 5/8″ 16mm XP8-200A/300A
  XP2002-19 Cylindrical Nozzle 3/32″ / 2.4mm 3/4″ 19mm XP8-200A/300A
C XP2002-16L Conical Nozzle 1/4″ / 6.5mm 5/8″ 16mm XP8-200A/300A
  XP2002-19L Cylindrical Nozzle 1/4″ / 6.5mm 3/4″ 19mm XP8-200A/300A

D XP3002-13 Tapered Nozzle 1/8″ / 3mm 1/2″ 13mm XP8-300A-450W
  XP3002-16 Conical Nozzle 1/8″ / 3mm 5/8″ 16mm XP8-300A-450W
x XP3002-19 Cylindrical Nozzle 1/8″ / 3mm 3/4″ 19mm XP8-300A-450W
E XP3002-16L Conical Nozzle 1/4″ / 6.5mm 5/8″ 16mm XP8-300A-450W
  XP3002-19L Cylindrical Nozzle 1/4″ / 6.5mm 3/4″ 19mm XP8-300A-450W

XP8 Nozzles A B C

XP8 Nozzles D E

Contact Tips
  Stock Code Description Wire Size Wire Size Material Model
A XP2003-06 Contact Tip .023″ 0.6mm CuCrZr XP8-200A/300A/320W
x XP2003-08 Contact Tip .030″ 0.8mm CuCrZr XP8-200A/300A/320W
x XP2003-09 Contact Tip .035″ 0.9mm 0.9mm XP8-200A/300A/320W
x XP2003-10 Contact Tip .040″ 1.0mm 1.0mm XP8-200A/300A/320W
x XP2003-12 Contact Tip .045″ 1.2mm 1.2mm XP8-200A/300A/320W
x XP2003-13 Contact Tip .052″ 1.3mm 1.3mm XP8-200A/300A/320W
  XP2003-14 Contact Tip .055″ 1.4mm 1.4mm XP8-200A/300A/320W
x XP2003-10A Contact Tip Ali Wire .040″ 1.0mm 1.0mm XP8-200A/300A/320W
x XP2003-12A Contact Tip Ali Wire .045″ .045″ 1.2mm XP8-200A/300A/320W

B XP3003-08 Contact Tip .030″ 0.8mm CuCrZr XP8-300A-450W
x XP3003-09 Contact Tip .035″ 0.9mm CuCrZr XP8-300A-450W
x XP3003-10 Contact Tip .040″ 1.0mm CuCrZr XP8-300A-450W
x XP3003-12 Contact Tip .045″ 1.2mm CuCrZr XP8-300A-450W
x XP3003-13 Contact Tip .052″ 1.3mm CuCrZr XP8-300A-450W
x XP3003-14 Contact Tip .055″ 1.4mm CuCrZr XP8-300A-450W
x XP3003-16 Contact Tip 1/16″ 1.6mm CuCrZr XP8-300A-450W
x XP3003-18 Cylindrical Nozzle .071″ 1.8mm CuCrZr XP8-300A-450W
x XP3003-20 Cylindrical Nozzle 5/64″ 2.0mm CuCrZr XP8-300A-450W
x XP3003-24 Cylindrical Nozzle 3/32″ 2.4mm CuCrZr XP8-300A-450W
x XP3003-10A Contact Tip Ali Wire .040″ 1.0mm CuCrZr XP8-300A-450W
x XP3003-12A Contact Tip Ali Wire .045″ 1.2mm CuCrZr XP8-300A-450W

XP8 Contact Tips A

XP8 Contact Tips B

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