K4000 Parts

K4000 Spare Parts
  Stock Code Product Description Pack Size
  K4000 Carbon Arc Gouging Torch 1
  K4000-1 Up/ Lower Insul Assembly With Screws 1
  K4000-2 Insulation Screws 1
  K4000-3 Handle Lever 1
  K4000-4 Handle Screw 1
  K4000-5 Wrench 1
  K4000-6 Bonnet 1
  K4000-7 ‘O’ Ring for Spool 1
  K4000-8 Air Valve with O Rings 1
  K4000-9 Upper Jaw 1
  K4000-10 Injector Nozzle 1
  K4000-11 Injector Nozzle Screw 1
  K4000-12 Body including lower jaw 1
  K4000-13 Hinge Pin 1
  K4000-14 Spring 1
  K4000-15 Handle 1
  K4000-18 Rubber Boot 1
  K4000-19 Connector 1

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